Executive Functioning Homework Interventions

Challenges with planning, organization, shifting, and motivation can impact homework.

Planning | Organization | Shifting/Transitions | Motivation

Create a comprehensive schedule for the week/month/semester (include study time and extracurricular activities)


Practice sequencing by asking child to explain how to do a task (e.g. how to make a sandwich)  
Determine a step-by-step plan of action  
Engage in activities to practice sequencing Examples:
  • Determining a sequence for putting something together
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Learning combinations of movements
Play Games that require planning Mazes
Unblock Me app

Flowfree app
Snap Circuits Electronics kit
Create a photo sequence of what a task should look like from start to finish  
Apps to assist with organization for homework and studying My Homework app
Provide organizational system that is simple and allows easy visual access Organize Homework
Section tasks into specific details to make them more manageable (e.g. instead of clean your room, try pick up your shoes, put away clean laundry, etc.)  
Create an electronic to do list with reminder alerts  
Create a picture checklist of tasks to accomplish for each segment of the day  
Shifting / Transitions
Take a break when stuck  
Introduce a transition activity to assist with changing from a much enjoyed play activity to a work activity Example: do a small puzzle, mazes, dot-to dot, or color a picture at the table, then introduce the work activity
Designate a set time or end point to work on each item to help transition more easily from one item to the next  
Schedule weekly meeting with teacher to gain confidence in talking with an adult and asking questions  
Encourage to set goals, identify specifics to attain a goal, and a way to check-in with someone weekly regarding progress toward the goal  
Link to something of value  
Encourage child to try a task 3 times  
Remain in close proximity and engage in tasks together  
Assign a mentor for helping with homework completion  
Designate target points to accomplish throughout tasks  
Help get started on tasks by obtaining child's input for a plan of action Choiceworks Schedule Board for task completion app
Set phone alarm for a specific time to begin and go to a designated place that is removed from other distractions  
Use reward apps to help with motivation for doing tasks ChorePad app
Access resources to determine ways to motivate Learning and Study Strategies Inventory for High School (LASSI-HS)