Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee?
Yes, there is a nominal monthly fee (about the same as a cup of coffee) to access the full content. Access to a portion of the information, including blogs about various topics, will be free.

Is there a sample to view?
Yes, you can view a free sample by returning to the A-I Matrix and cross-referencing Homework & Executive Functioning. All content is continually being updated to include new products and new intervention ideas, but this sample will provide the general idea.

What is the A-I Matrix?
The Assessment-Intervention Matrix (A-I Matrix™) was designed to align the various areas that are tested through an evaluation with common areas of need (which we call 'PIKS') that a child experiences.

How do I use the A-I Matrix?
Cross-reference an assessment area (left-hand column) with a PIKS (top row of the matrix) and click on the button to see ideas. For a free example: If a child’s testing profile reflects challenges with executive functioning and s/he is struggling with homework, then find Executive Functioning in test column and move across the row to Homework, then click on the Intervention button.

What is LaterPay?
LaterPay, Inc. ( is a leading, secure paywall provider who we use to securely process subscriptions to NRventions. Signing up is extremely simple! When you are ready, simply enter your credit card information either for a month or an annual subscription. Subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time. If you have an existing LaterPay account, you can use it to access NRventions as well.